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    Factory                                        August 19
    , 2013

    Please check our daily specials for the huge 30% off summer sell out on our selected hand mills.

    We now text and e-mail 24/7. Text or e-mail us to retselcorpatyahoo.com if you would like instant service. We have a web tech working most of the time.

    All genuine RETSEL products are made in USA and our company offers many customized items. Due to strict quality control standards and supplier manufacturing deadlines, the delivery time may vary depending on which color and item you select. The standard delivery time on all our products, repairs and special order items is 2 to 6 weeks at this time. You may call us at 208-254-3737 during regular business hours before placing your order to find out the exact delivery time on the item(s) you wish to receive.


    It comes with both ceramic stones, stainless burrs and table clamp. 

    Our greatest bargains are available if you select to pay with a check to offset the credit card fees.

     If you are in the market for a   electric mil-rite, we are currently offering a 7% discount if you pay with a check or money order. We now accept bank drafts to take advantage of this discount from most countries as payment. Please e-mail us for details.
Need a free owners manual either a hard copy or a pdf format?     Please e-mail us and we will send you one. This offer applies to mills that are under warranty only. If your mill is outside of the warranty period (hand mills are lifetime, electric mills are 10 years), you would need to purchase one at a nominal fee.

Most items that our firms manufactures, including warranty and repair parts are now available in 12 colors at no extra charge. This means that if you send in a complete unit to us to be repaired we can return it to you with a new look at no extra change to you. This is another way to say “Thank you for your continuous patronage” Due to our painting rotation, delivery time on some custom painted parts may be slightly longer than other colors.

If you are using GOOGLE search engines, soon you will be able to use the click and call feature on our home page to directly connect with our order department with your smart phone. This way you will always to be able to get in touch with a live person.

Out site is 100% virus proof and totally secure. We detect at least 15 attempts to highjack our site every day, none of them were ever successful in the past.

Our “GEEK TEAM” members monitor our we web site for Internet security and return all e-mails several times daily, 24/7 to expedite the internet experience for you .

Take our mills for a spin, you will not be disappointed. Last year Retsel outsold our competition by roughly  18% of mills sold in U.S.A. This is mostly due to the unmatched quality control, excellent Internet support but most of all very competitive pricing that not even import products can compete with.

With major independent Consumer Reporting Agencies rating our business with a grade A- or better, we pride ourselves with offering the best product and service in the grain mill industry. Customer satisfaction and providing premium products are Retsel’s trademarks.

Beware of counterfeit Retsel goods and the never ending unscrupulous copyright violators on the Internet. Many of our competitors and product counterfeiters post deceptive blogs online to lure you into their web site.

To improve our standards even better the management at Retsel Corporation has recently invested a great deal of manpower and resources on a state of the art high speed Internet infrastructure. With access to our network virtually anywhere in the world, our professional live sales personnel is now available to you just a mouse click away, generally 24/7.

To place a order for a new product, all you need is e-mail us your name and phone number and we will have our sales staff contact you at your most convenient time. We are available to return your calls and take your orders Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm Mountain Time. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

We ship anywhere in the world and have a high inventory at this time. The shipping time on most orders is about three weeks at this time.

If you are ordering parts, planning to have your machines serviced, repaired or have any technical questions, it’s best to use our web site to obtain quotes, prices and availability. The 208-254-3737 line is our Internet support phone number and you may also use it to place orders for new machines as well. We apologize for this inconvenience but due to large number of calls we can serve you best via the Internet with all of your technical questions.


Retsel Daily Update  11-22-2018

Below is the breakdown on all monthly specials for this fall , winter and spring paid with check or money order only, UPS groung freight extra, worldwide shipments. Unless otherwise speicified, all colors should be available through summer 2019.

Our current shipping time for November and the upcoming holiday season will be 10 days from receipt of payment in the mail. 
Please send payment to the Pocatello address for faster processing time. Thank you for visiting our site.

November  All Hand mills 25% off plus freight

December   All electric Retsel grain mills, any colors, 20% off plus freight

January 2019  All Hand mills 25% off plus freight

February   All parts and accessories 25% off plus freight

March    All hand mills   30% off  plus freight

April       All grains 40% off plus freight

There are currently no discounts available if you pay for your order with a credit card. 

Feel free to call us at 208-254-3737 if you wish to get a more accurate delivery time on your order if ypu order interantional or e-mail us anytime with any of your questions.  Staff














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