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    If you need help loging on to your account using our secure site or using your newest version of browsers on your smart phones, e-mail us and we will fix that.
    Current shipping time on most items:  Two to Three weeks after acceptance of order.

    Please be patient with us on the phones. We have numerous customers calling with technical questions daily and therefore it is difficult to get through the lines at times. We pride ourselves in excellent life customer support service via E-mail 24/7
    We are putting a lot of effort to comunicate with you via e-mail or text every day.
    It works much quicker and better to e-mail or text us with any questions instead of finding the answer online or going through our Q&A on our site.
    Please click us at the e-mail link on the bottom of this page, send us an quick e-mail, and you will receive a response from us shortly.
    Now you can purchase most of our items anytime from anywhere in the world from our online store with paypall.
    Please e-mail us for instructions. This is what we call excellent 24/7 online personal customer service.
    If the delivery time on your special order is longer than 8 weeks, we will make sure to call you in person and follow up on the status so you know exactly when you should expect to receive your order.


    We also have a new Mi-rite grain roller attachment and a new user friendly web site coming up after the first of January. We are all looking forward for our customers to incorporate this valuable Mil-rite roller attachment to our popular product line everywhere.

    We now text and e-mail 24/7. Text or e-mail us anytime if you would like instant service. We have a web tech working most of the time.
    During this spring season, in order to improve our service and expedite our delivery time we are consolidating and forwarding all our phone numbers to one main number  which is 208-254-3737. You can now instant message us via IM if you signup at yahoo.com messanger, check the above if we are on or off.

    Our greatest bargains are available if you select to pay with a check to offset the credit card fees. The quickest way to order is to simply print the page with the mill that you want from our web site and send payment in the mail for the retail price shown on that page. This way you will receive free shipping and save the most $$$$$$

    Need a free owners manual either a hard copy or a PDF format? Please e-mail us and we will send you one. This offer applies to mills that are under warranty only. If your mill is outside of the warranty period (hand mills are lifetime, electric mills are 10 years), you will need to purchase one at a nominal fee.

    Most items that our firms manufactures, including warranty and repair parts that are returned to you are now available in 12 colors at no extra charge. This means that if you send in a complete unit or part to us to be repaired and we can return it to you with a new look at no extra change to you. This is another way to say “Thank you for your continuous patronage” Due to our painting rotation, delivery time on some custom painted parts may be slightly longer than other colors.


February 10,1995

My Mil-Rite just arrived TODAY!!! It has the reverse switch installed. Mine is red, which matches my red kitchenaid mixer. I chose the Retsel as it grinds nuts and corn as well as every imaginable grains. I 've heard these mills are the best,, and they last forever they are like little tanks. I know it took sometime to get but is well worth waiting for. I used the meat grinder/masa attachement  to grind masa and it works flawlessly.(Love this Machine) Terry Arro, Yuma, Arizona
Ordered electric Retsel Mill-Rite grain mill received it today did my reseach before ordering it this grain mill its the highest quality available. Genuine Retsel mills are manufactured 100 % in the USA , Fred, San Diego , Cali

 I got a new Retsel hand mill a month or so ago for a great price. I can get really fine flour in one pass just by setting the grinding heads closer together. All   types of wheat, spelt, yellow dent corn and oats are much easier to crank then harder types of grains by far. I'm planning on buying an electrial Mil-Rite Grain and Seed mill next year and keep this hand mill as my backup storage mill. Warren Burger


Just purchased a new gear for the mil-rite for under $100.00 and received it in one week. Good Service! Troy, Oceanside, California

My Mother has a Retsel Mil-Rite which she's had it for at least 30 years or longer. I was rised on homemade breads and whole foods So now that I'm getting married and going to live on my own I have to have one for myself, so my family ordered me one for my wedding gift!!! I'm so excited to have one for my own. Now they come in different colors not just the silver aluminium like my mom has.  I like the fact they come in many colors so it will fit just perfect in my kitchen. Lauria Davis

Love My Retsel Grinder! I've had it for 8 years and totalyl love this machine, I can grind wheat to raw sugar with this machine with both the stones and steel burrs. You can grind so many different types of grains and seeds and so much more. I recommend this mill to all my family & friends.  Jessica Barnes

Since I started eating whole grains, and using freshly milled flour from my Mil rite I will never go back. I feel so much more  healthier. I like the fact I know how old my flour is, where it's been and who's handled it and what else is in it? Grain mills are not just for people who want to save a little money. It is also for  health conscious individuals that want to know exactly what goes in are bodies.   Susan Jones

July 12, 2010

I have been through four different hand mills. All cheap plastic imports. They might look cute online or when you talk to the salesman, but after one use they are put away and never used again. They all fell apart in a few weeks. Finnally I settled on the heavy duty Uni-ark pro with the flywheel will all the bells and whisles tath we purchased at the annual farm fair. It is a tank, it will last many lifetimes. All that for under  $220.00 Can't beat that deal anywhere. Matt Armstrong, Blackfoot, Idaho

I have a older Mill I bought from Ebay a few years back.  I don’t know how old it is I’m guessing maybe 25 –35 years or  older.  This thing is like a work horse,  there are no cheap  plastic parts on this machine. It is made to last forever and if I do need any parts down the road  it’s made in the USA
I can get part without stressing out if the parts are available.  The machine still work just fine, just like it did the first week I used it.  Paul Martin

December 18, 2010

I bought a Uni-Ark Grain Mill for my daughter who is moving to Alaska. She’s planning on doing the homestead thing, and wanted this mill to take with her. She has used it, and loves it, she has both the stones and burrs and table clamp attachment and uses on a weekly basis. She called me the other day and asked if I would purchase the flywheel attachment for her birthday.   Martha Baker

The meat grinder attachment I bought for the mil-rite we owned for over 20 years works flawlessly. We already used it to grind up 3 deer, a hog, and a cow. Very sturdy, very simple and designed by professionals. Tom Brownville, Orem Utah

We used our Mil-master in my ward for many years. Bushels and bushels of grain for bread was ground ove the decade. The mill still runs strong. Thank you Retsel for such a excellent American Made product.

January 5  2014

"The replacement motor for our 30 year old mil-rite was exactly what we were expecting. It shipped right away. Would order from seller again. We looked on internet for install instructions. Motor installed fairly easily."

"The Mill works perfect just in time I will shop again with this seller very pleased and will recommend to others"
Burrell, January 17, 2014

"The product shipped and arrived on time. I had checked with local suppliers and online and this was the best price (including shipping) I could find for this product. Very happy."
Steve, January 15, 2014

"I ordered the wrong item and the seller quickly agreed to return it allowing me to fix my mistake and order the correct model."
Hedi , January 13, 2014

Great service"
Kevin S., January 13, 2014

"great service...on time and as described"
linda l paige, January 9, 2014

"We received exactly what we ordered. We were promised delivery between January 7 - 15. We received the item January 9th. Very pleased."
Gary F., January 9, 2014


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