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Little-Ark™ Mill

          Please take a quick look inside of our factory.

Over the years our products have satisfied thousands of of happy and returning customers throughout the world. The main reason for that is our unparalleled ability for diversify and improve our product line on daily basis.

We are rarely happy with our achievements and always thrive to become a better, more independent and super efficient company for meet tomorrow’s global market place..



.....some rather delicate parts require big machines....

...Allen carefully polishes a Little ark™ shaft for a near perfect finish.



...Michael, one of the owners, oversees that every auger and all gears are individually machined to very tight tolerances (+/- one ten thousands of one inch, about the thickness of 1/100th of your hair!) to provide many years of trouble free service, guaranteed...

...a top of the line welding , cutting and fabricating facility allows Retsel™ Corporation to design, modify, and repair equipment during any stages of our manufacturing process immediately with instant results. Thus minimizing repair cost and unnecessary breakdown time...



...A quick touch up on Mil-rite™ foundry mold is in place. Unexpected changes and modifications are a constant challenge in the nature of our business.

..the never ending, tedious and grueling task to thrive for perfection continues. Any inadequate parts are either discarded or send back to the machine shop to be re-checked, re-machined or re-powder coated to the OEM specs...


  ...Retsel stainless steel burrs in the          making.,2750 degrees plus...




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