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Retsel® Books - Complete list coming soon. Our company carries a large inventory on health related books and videos. A brief description of each item follows.

True Grist Cookery- By
Retsel® Corporation, Paperback, 47 pages.
This cookbook was written especially for people who plan to own a Retsel® flour Mill. Included are dozens of recipes donated by Retsel® mill owners.

The Spelt Cookbook- By Helga Hughes, The story of spelt, In The Kitchen, Breakfast & Brunch, The Soup & Stew Pot, The Salad Bowl, The Bread Box, The Sandwich Platter, Main Dishs, Pasta, Side Dishs, and Desserts.

Super Breakfast Cereals - By Katharina Gustavs, Starting your day with wholesome, nourishing breakfast goes a long way in caring for your health and that of your family. Learn how to buy, store prepare whole grains, and enjoy the simple recipes.

The New Book Of Whole Grains- By Marlene Anne Bumgarner, More Than 200 Recipes Featuring Whole Grains-Including Amarath, Quinoa, Wheat, Spelt, Oats, Rye, Barley & Millet.

The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book- By Laurel Robertson with Carol Flinders & Bronwen Godfrey, 125 Bread Recipes for Whole Wheat, Rye, Beans, Spouts, Rice, and more.

Bread Machine Baking for Better Health -By Maureen B. Keane and Daniella Chace, Whole grain breads play a vital role in improving and maintaining your good health. Today's bread machines, making healthful, freshbaked bread has never been easier.

Wheat Montana Cookbook- By Wheat Montana Farms, 173 Pages. Many Recipes using Wheat Montana's outstanding grains.Pancakes, Waffles, Muffins & Biscuits, Yeast Breads, Desserts, Soups & Salads.

Flat Breads From Around The World- By Donna Rathmell German, Too hot to cook? Need to be on a yeast-free diet? This collection of 130 recipes for flatbreads with traditional toppings. Flatbread can be used as wraps for just about anything. A special chapter on tortila, crisped,filled, topped, rolled, dipped. Also griddle flatbreads if you need variety of yeast-free breads you will appreciate this book.

Sercets Of The Master Made Easy- Whole Wheat Bread Making- By Diana Ballard, 97 Pages, If you want to bake whole wheat bread like a master bread makers, who do you go to? The masters of course. This book will answer the how's, why's and when's of whole wheat wheat making. If you fell incapable of making a good loaf of bread, this book provides details, step-by-step instructions, answers to your questions.

The Best Pizza is Made At Home- By Donna R. German,Paperback,155 Pages, It's really true, The Best Pizza Is Made At Home! Since pizza is usally a full meal why not creative and learn how to creatively incorporate a wide seletion of ingredients?This Cookbook shows you how to do a wide variety of crust, and to stuffed pizzas as well as calzones, focaccias, sauces, and other healthy toppings.

Yeast Breads-By Sue Gregg, Paperback, 70 Pages, With bread doug recipes ranging from traditional Whole wheat to Rye, Ezekiel, Five Grain, Kamut, Spelt, Pumpernickel, ect. to Dinner Rolls. Sue show's her healthy, nutritious cooking with this cookbook.

Main Dishes- By Sue Gregg, Paperback, 292 Pages, Includes over 270 recipes and 138 menus. Menus covers the range of all food groups with vegetarian alternatives. Charts document how recipes meet US Dietary Guildlines with refined flour, white Sugar, Hydrogenated fats.

Soups & Muffins- By Sue Gregg, Paperback, 102 Pages, Whole grain Variety . 36 Muffin and Bread recipes made from 12 grains with alternatives for wheat and dairy allergies. 27 Soup recipes Nutritionally improved.

Desserts- By Sue Gregg, Paperback, 175 Pages, Satisfing your sweet tooth without the white sugar,white flour, or hydrogenated fats. All the familiar favorites along with 45 recipes under 200 calories and 30% fat.

Meals In Minutes-By Sue Gregg, Paperback, 99 Pages, A Whole Foods convenience cookbook, including once or twice a week to fill your freezer with 26 low fat/ high fiber ready to serve meals in minutes when time and energy are short. Including menues, shopping, and assembly lists.

Lunches & Snacks- By SueGregg,Paperback, 168 Pages, Includes 75 Paged insert guides for young cooks in preparing beverages, breads, crackers, chips, sandwiches, soups,ect. to the set up to cleanup. Children learn to master basic food preparation skills, along with nutritional way's by their teens.

Breakfasts- By Sue Gregg,Paperback, 312 Pages, Gives you incredibly easy e minute whole Grain blender batters for light 'n tender waffles & Pancakes, Coffee cakes, Muffins, and Crepes. Recipes for Kamut. and new allergy alternative grain. Try Cinnamon rolls, Hot and cold cereals and ect. Contains section on Whole Grain use.

Holiay Menus- By Sue Gregg, Paperback, 78 Pages,Celebrate with traditional but wholesome holiday fair without the use of white sugar, white flour, or hydrogenated vegetable shortening. Serve Healthier holiday foods, for Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Master Index & Planner- By Sue Gregg, Paperback, 309 Pages, This book will help you find answers to cooking questions by referencing the resouces of all the Eating Better Cookbooks with an ingredient index, a sububject index, and a recipe index. Plan a Months menus in 20 Minutes to save time and cost.

15 Minute Meal Planner- By Emilie Barnes & Sue Gregg, Paperback, 384 Pages, A Realistic approach to Healthy Lifestyle. Addresses concerns about Preparing nutritious meals, and saving time, money, and stress.More than 50 Quick reading chapters provide a wealth of practical food ideals.

Eating Better With Sue Video- By Sue Gregg, 74 Minutes, Six Segments Demonstrates Sue Gregg's Secrets for maximizing flavor, nutrients, convenience, and seasonings and so much more.

Grains of Truth- By Donna G. Spann,Paperback, 91 Pages, Grain of Truth is a book for beginners that knows nothing about Whole Grains, for the intermediate who's looking to expand there "repertorie" of Whole Grains and for the advised who needs a breath of fresh air and reminder of the why's and how's of Whole Grains.

The Amazing Wheat Book-By Learta A. Moulton, Paperback, Innovative cooking techniques and creative recipes for preparing wheat and other wholesome foods. Enjoy nutritious Popular main dishs, breakfasts, and great snacks at 1/4 the cost of commercially prepared foods.

Flour Power-By Marleeta F. Basey, Paperback, The Guide To Modern Home Grain Milling. This Book manages to Present a technical topic in a fascinating and entertaining way. Includes mill selection critera, an education on wheat bread, secrets for making deliciously light whole meal breads, and purchasing contacts for dozens of grain mills.

Flour Power The Complete Guild To 3 Minute Home Flour Milling-By Marleeta F. Basey, Paperback, 237 Pages, If your looking for Whole-grain health you've picked up the right book! Modern flour mills and bread machines turn bread making into a task no more complicated, nor expensive, than grinding beans, and brewing breakfast coffee.

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